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  • Turcov, Elena; Turcov, Ana (ASEM, 2019-09)
    The majority of governments use tourism as a source of revenue. However, as tourism is still regarded by a good part of public authorities as a non-essential activity, any form of tourism services taxation is progressive, ...
  • Livandovschi, Roman; Melnic, Igor; Faina, Ivan; Turcov, Ana (ASEM, 2018-09)
    Tourism is a sector that can contribute to the economic growth of a region. Moreover, tourism produces social benefits to the region (i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises’ development, creation of new jobs, improvement ...
  • Turcov, Elena; Turcov, Ana (ASEM, 2018-09)
    Tourism is the subject of research as part of the economic field, including the business of tourism, the quality of natural resources such as landscape, air water, flora and fauna, the cumulative effect of tourism in the ...
  • Turcov, Elena; Livandovschi, Roman; Turcov, Ana (ASEM, 2017-09)
    This article reviews ‘event tourism’ as both professional practice and a field of academic study. The origins and evolution of research on event tourism are pinpointed through both chronological and thematic literature ...

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