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Browsing 2.Articole by Subject "National Accounting Standards"

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  • Rotaru, Daniela (ASEM, 2020-03)
    Expenses are an accounting element directly related to determining the net profit / loss of an entity. This research focuses on studying the national regulatory framework valid from January 1, 2020 for expenditure accounting, ...
  • Lazari, Liliana; Iavorschi, Irina (ASEM, 2017-11)
    In any profession and especially in the field of accounting profession, due to the nature of its problems, in the context of the globalization of the world economy, it is necessary to lay it on fundamental principles intend ...
  • Frecăuțeanu, Alexandru; Cojocari, Vadim; Chișlaru, Angela (ASEM, 2019-04)
    Currently, any company must develop, approve and apply its accounting policies, which, on theone hand, must comply with the applicable National Accounting Standards and the General Accounts Plan,and on the other hand, the ...
  • Lazari, Liliana; Cucoș, Nelea (ASEM, 2017-03)
    This study will examine the importance and significance of the financial reporting that are performed by entities. Although financial situations may be very similar from one country to another, there are differences that ...

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